2008 Fall Couture: Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld has psychic powers. He is a designer who perfectly balances the history of a house with the future of fashion . . . how does he do it? Yet again, he delivered the upper echelon of fashion what they want: modern tweeds, luxurious evening pieces, smart frocks, and delectable finishes. While models curved the runway in Anna Wintour-esque bobs, they stunned in the typical icey Chanel palette of black, white, and grey, with splashes of pink and beige. Fur trims and flashy buttons surely raced a few heartbeats; beading and feathers most likely induced style salivation.

I can do without some of the volume play — especially around the sensitive hip area. True, the women who actually wear couture maintain their figures (otherwise they have to pay full price for a garment), but who wants their hips to be accentuated? Shoulder love is another story. The fluffy knits showed volume restraint and were scrumptious. The boxy coats were too '80s for my taste. Some gowns were lavish, especially those decidedly disheveled with shredded fabric, and some were simply over-the-top. And, the frame-like headpieces supplied that extra dose of the Lagerfeld we all know and worship.

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