2008 Fall Couture: Christian Lacroix

Mythical goth drama emanated out the seams at Christian Lacroix's 2008 Fall couture showing. Through tons of noir and lace, I was spellbound with how the designer captured the essence of insect beauty and turned it into a magnificent collection of wearable art.

Models walked down the bright red runway morphing from simple, cocoon-like structures into free form gowns. Lacroix showed his skills turning heavy felts, wools, silks, and jersey into structured tops with major shoulder detailing. The dresses and skirts went from layered and flouncy to short and constructed. While Lacroix dabbled with different silhouettes, exact detailing was a constant. The use of heavy lace and intricate embroidery with insect-like creatures sitting upon shoulders of tiered gowns and structured jackets was nothing short of rich and decadent.

The occasional pops of jewel-toned colors were a delight and also bright stints of neon yellow. Leave it to Lacroix to show a little bit of everything in his latest couture.

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