2008 Fall Couture: Giorgio Armani

Can I steal Mr. Armani and bring him home as my personal dressmaker? Once again, the man has worked his magic and the result is an exquisite, finely tailored couture collection that flawlessly blends menswear with femininity. For me, this fusion never gets old. I presume muse Cate Blanchett will look beautiful in all of these designs.

To highlight the more masculine, Armani's high-waisted trousers sheen gives them a dressed up feel. Velvet pants, blazers, suspenders, and oversized, Alber Elbaz-style bow ties are also in this bunch. On the other end, femininity oozes from this collection via flowy chiffon dresses, sequins, and bows. I can see this collection seamlessly melding into the scenery of The Beautiful Fall, set in 1970s Paris. It calls for a sophisticated, empowered woman, not afraid to wear the pants.

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