2008 Fall Couture: Valentino

Some more daring designers have flirted with the cocoon silhouette, and still-fresh-on-her-thrown Valentino designer Alessandra Facchinetti is having a full-fledged love affair. The house's latest couture collection is characterized by elegance and maturity. You'll find no masculine undertones here. Instead, feast your eyes on lush fabrics like satin and chiffon, and feminine details such as sequins, ruffles, tucking, and pleating.

The cocoon shape made its way onto outerwear as well as dresses and skirt suits. But don't be mistaken; here, cocoon doesn't always equal unflattering. Black and ivory made appearances on the runway and jewel tones like blue, red, and green also livened the scene. The most memorable detail here — aside from the extensive, beautiful beading — is the accessories: gold chokers and spiraling bracelets that add a touch of whimsy to each outfit. Facchinetti is another step closer in keeping Mr. Valentino's keen taste for luxury alive.

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