2009 Fall Couture: Jean Paul Gaultier

Judging from Jean Paul Gaultier's Fall couture creations, he didn't have a shortage of inspiration. The powerful warrior princess, the chic '20s flapper, the old-Hollywood actress, and the feisty futuristic goddess all had a place on the catwalk . . . and in JPG's eyes, they all prevail. Exquisite gowns set a glamorous tone: some with floor-length capes attached to them, some robe-like, and some chiffon with armor-like bodices. Fur played a big part — fur collars, coats, chubbies, and skirts made appearances. And what's luxury without beading? It showed up in the most unique ways, my favorite being the fine gold beaded overalls Kim Noorda rocked. Color didn't play a big part, but there were random bouts of rich purple, yellow, pink, and brown.

Step into Jean Paul Gaultier's universe.

Source: Getty