2009 Fall Paris Fashion Week: Louis Vuitton

As Paris Fashion Week bids us adieu, Marc Jacobs fashioned a feast of a finale. With an eclectic mix of baroque, volume, and — you guessed it — the '80s, Fall's Vuitton babe is divinely decked. This collection was not shy on color; crimson, canary yellow, salmon, and emerald created a robust palette, while nude and black balanced. Splattered and cosmic prints also tickled the eyes. Volume, i.e. folds, curves, loops, were festooned asymmetrically and in opposing colors creating flirtatious dimension.

This was mostly a runway of legs, as skirts and dresses reigned; however, boots were ultra thigh-high, creating the illusion of pants. The comic touch this time around was crinkled bunny ears fastened onto delicious Bardot chignons. In keeping with the French splendor of the house, where drama roams free, this was another high-inducing collection by monsieur Jacobs.

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