2009 Spring Couture: Givenchy

Riccardo Tisci always brings raw sexuality to the runway. But I'm not talking Victoria's Secret sexy, I'm talking S&M sexy. For Spring couture, the designer continued to play with bold cuts, but he also incorporated sweet fabrics; that contradictory fusion is sure to fly off the racks. I smell some Oscar-worthy red carpet looks for the risk-takers too! Anne Hathaway, if you're listening, the asymmetrical floral gown is all you.

There are many parts to this Givenchy tale — asymmetry is one of them. Long and short dresses came in one-shoulder styles, as well as with crazy asymmetrical details. Cocoon shapes also dominated on frocks and skirt suits. Sheer fabrics managed to balance sexy and sweet, and puff shoulders continued their run. Tisci loves black, white, and beige, but he also threw in neon yellow, lavender, and icy blue for contrast. Let's just put it this way . . . don't dare wear these clothes if you're in a silly mood. These are serious.

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