American Eagle Dog Clothes Line

Please Be Real, American Beagle Outfitters (Plus, the Best Dog Video EVER)!

American Eagle Dog Clothes Line

If there's one thing our editors get more excited about than clothes, it's dog clothes. So when American Eagle Outfitters announced its inaugural collection of pet attire — ahem, "its first-ever matching clothing line for dogs and their owners," according to a well-crafted press release — we stopped everything to ogle the lookbook of floral puppy party dresses, on-trend overalls, and fur-friendly printed bikinis.

Aptly named American Beagle, what began as a well-crafted marketing campaign to show off how cute the retailer's human line looks on man's best friend, will soon become a reality when a limited edition canine collection hits stores this Fall (though whether those "slimming doggy jeggings" and crop tops are part of the collection, remains to be seen).

We implore you to watch the doggone hilarious minidocumentary below, and then just try to pick your favorite street style star from this cast of canines. And if you're like us and can't wait to get your paws on the line, sign up for the wait list. By doing so, you'll receive 20 percent off purchases, with a dollar per order benefiting the ASPCA.