Anne Hathaway: A Fashion Metamorphosis

Anne Hathaway: A Fashion Metamorphosis

I confess I wasn't very fair to Anne Hathaway when I decided to explore her fashion metamorphosis. I thought I would be greeted by a fashion war zone when going back through the actress's history. The proof is in the pictures that Anne has always had a sense for fashion, but she has undoubtedly come into her own as of late. I cringed a couple times, usually around circa late '90s, but then again, all of us have cringe-worthy photos stashed somewhere. But come on, her wardrobe in The Devil Wears Prada won over all naysayers. One thing to note is that the menswear trend Anne has dabbled with lately is nothing she's unaccustomed to — she previously wore suits and even a tie on some red carpets. Most significantly, this enlightened me to the fact that Anne hasn't turned her back on any trend; she has accomplished sexy, innocent, girlie, and fashion-forward. I think we have a well-rounded risk taker on our hands!



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