Arizona Muse Interview on Her Postbaby Body

Arizona Muse on Getting Her Body Back After Having a Child

Arizona Muse

>> Arizona Muse says having son Nikko three years ago didn't disrupt her modeling career — in fact, she credits motherhood with turning her body into the unstoppable force that it is today.

"I remember during my first season feeling really well received as a model and a mother," she recently told The Daily Telegraph. "When people asked me things, they asked about being a mother; they weren't asking me about walking down a catwalk. They were real-life things. It was nice."

Since then, Muse's career has skyrocketed. She's appeared in campaigns for Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton and has walked runways for everyone from Dior to Prada. Muse said that having Nikko (who has already modeled in a J.Crew catalog) is a big part of her success. The model learned she was pregnant while working in New York, and — thinking her career was over — moved to Los Angeles to give birth to and raise Nikko. Later, she decided to move back to New York, where she says she was able to get bookings again fairly easily.

So how did Muse get back to fighting form so quickly? Click through to find out, and see some of her chicest off-duty looks.