Ashleigh Verrier backstage at A/W 08 show

Backstage at Verrier A/W 08

Ashleigh Verrier, one of our Pre-Fashion Week Video Series subjects, showed her A/W 08 collection in the tents last night. It was a dramatic presentation, where Chopin-infused ambient tunes blasted while pretty doll-like models stomped the runway. During our backstage interview, we hung around and snapped a few shots of the action before the show. It takes a lot of madness to get these pretty girls in pretty dresses. For every girl there is a makeup artist, for every makeup artist there is a camera, for every camera there is a publicist, and then there are a lot of bluetooths and paper signs. So much of these things, in fact, that we stood eating chocolate (Dove is a Verrier sponsor. Oh yeah, there are sponsors.) postulating that if one more flash went off, we would all go blind. And then we snapped one more.