Atelier Versace Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Spring 2014

Donatella Has Us Gaga For Atelier Versace's Couture Collection

Donatella Has Us Gaga For Atelier Versace's Couture Collection

When Donatella Versace tweeted the first glimpse of her beautiful room from the location of Atelier Versace's Spring 2014 Haute Couture show, with it came the promise of opulence. And Donatella always delivers on her word.

Arriving on the arm of a hooded Lady Gaga, Donatella and the face of Versace opened Couture Week while representing the label fiercely — and they had nothing on the looks that came down the runway! Under a ceiling set ablaze by chandelier light, the models stormed the catwalk in draped silk jersey, geometric embroidery, power suits, and hoods in a range of colors from lavender to chartreuse. Most spectacular of all the details were the faux tattoo embellishments adorning sheer panels.

In fact, all of the hallmarks of a Versace show were there. High-slit gowns? Check. Fur? Check. Skin? Check. The sort of sexy designs we can expect to see everyone from January Jones to Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez to Lady Gaga, wearing on the red carpet? Definite check. And while back on the topic of Gaga, the show closed with a parade of models walking to "Born This Way" for what is sure to go down as one of Versace's Versace-est moments.

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