Behind the Seams: Dining With Diane, Revelations With Rachel

Here's something worth losing my gloves in the taxi for . . .

I had the honor of attending Diane von Furstenberg's postshow dinner. In her fabulous studio next to her store in the Meatpacking District about 200 fashion folks (Ann Duong, Hamish Bowles, Suzy Menkes) and celebs (Molly Sims, Ellen Barkin, Susan Sarandon, Rachel Zoe, Rose McGowan) wined and dined. While I usually leave the celebrity doings to Pop and party talk to Party, it was an exciting, all-encompassing evening. When I wasn't with my new-found friends at Fashion Week Daily, I was taking pictures for you guys and talking to Ellen Barkin. Oh, and sipping bubbly.

Catered by long-time fashion favorite restaurant Indochine, the lady of the hour looked at ease and happy after another successful runway show. There was a giant screen with the Super Bowl playing — it was the NY Giants playing, after all. Amongst all the stimuli, it was also shoe heaven. Party goers had clearly gone home after the shows to change into less comfortable (more fabulous) shoes.

To read about the rest of my evening and see lots of behind-the-scenes pics, read more

Because it was open seating, I chose to sit at the same table as Molly Sims and Rachel Zoe. Molly on one end, Fab on the other. We ate, drank, and chatted, like any normal dinner. Molly ran over when the fashion crowd gave a loud cheer to the game — what?! Fashion and football do mix . . .

Five minutes with Zoe! We gabbed about her new show on Bravo. She said it was more documentary than anything. We will see what she does day to day and she thinks it’s cool for people to see what kind of a job a stylist has. It takes place in LA and NY, even more so in New York with all the designer cameos. But don’t worry — there are plenty of celebrity drop ins.

We talked jewelry. I told her about how since reading her book I’ve tried to wear more. She complimented my earrings — art deco stolen from my mom. Coincidence: One of her gold bracelets was stolen from her mom. Get out! So I said the less-is-more philosophy is not really her thing, she said no way, "more is more." And that’s how she felt about life in general. Here’s where we got spiritual. She expects more from people and life and thinks people should push themselves and do what they want to do. Obviously the woman loves excess, but it was cool to hear how she translates that into her everyday life. She thanked the Sugar sites for saying nice things about her and I thanked her for being so nice to me. Zoe + Fab = BFF.

That's about all I recall from my fashion and celebrity sprinkled evening with DVF's gang. Now I have to go over to Saks when I have a break between shows and buy some new leather gloves. I wonder which ones Rachel would recommend . . .


























Images include: Molly Sims, Rose McGowan, Diane von Furstenberg, Susan Sarandon, Ellen Barkin, Rachel Zoe, Amy Smart

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