Bene Scarf Review

This Purchase Is Guaranteed to Make You Feel Good

This Purchase Is Guaranteed to Make You Feel Good

The piece: Bené scarf

The price: $45-$85

Why we want it: Some shopping is mindless, fun, and pretty on-the-surface — you might be needing to fill a void in your closet, or you might just be, you know, having fun. But you could argue the best sort of shopping includes one where your dollars bring something chic into your life and also benefit someone on the other end. Such is the case for Bené, a design-your-own-scarf company founded by two friends with a mission to improve the lives of girls in Ghana. Purchases help with the necessities of getting a young girl to school (think supplies, uniform costs, and travel expenses). Scroll down for some inspiration shots, and then cruise to the site to see the different options for crafting your own.

Photo courtesy of Bené

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