Best Dressed Celebrities and Models | April 5, 2013

This Week's Best Dressed

This Week's Best Dressed

If you've had enough of Spring's persistent chill, you're not alone. Despite lower-than-average temperatures in New York, Moscow, and London, this week's best-dressed women showed they weren't afraid to step out in ensembles better suited for sunnier climes.

Helena Christensen, for example, showed up at the London launch of her handbag collection with Kipling in a sleeveless pink cocktail dress, while actress Olga Kurylenko glittered in a lighter-than-air dress from Elie Saab's Spring 2013 collection at the premiere of her new movie, Oblivion, in Moscow.

But nowhere did women defy the wind and rain more fiercely this week than in New York, where Jenne Lombardo bared her midriff at a party for the 51st chapter of the quarterly magazine Frank Book. Nanna Fabricius, the singer also known by her stage name, Oh Land, wore a short dress to a party for Kering.

A look at all of those well-heeled women — and Elizabeth Olsen, Rosario Dawson, and Julianne Hough — here in the gallery.