14 Mean Girls Style Lessons to Live by Every Day

Oct 3 2014 - 1:45pm

How naive were we before Mean Girls? We didn't know fetch (nor not to try to make it happen) and were often caught wearing colors other than pink on Wednesday. But thankfully, we've now memorized every line of the movie — and we know all the style lessons it taught us like the back of our hand. But, since today is Oct. 3 — the first day that Aaron Samuels talked to Cady Heron, and therefore, National Mean Girls Day — we'd like to reiterate them. Scroll down to study up.

— Additional reporting by Sarah Wasilak

1: You may have to sacrifice fashion for friendship.

2: Never be afraid to embrace new trends.

3: Because you never know who's going to start wearing it next . . .

4: Your friends might be lying when they say they like your skirt.

5: The gym is totally worthy of a fashion moment.

6: You can make any injury a fashion statement.

7: Always have a backup dress.

8: It can be fun to match outfits.

9: It's OK not to wear as many layers on Halloween [1].

10: For example, lingerie is totally appropriate.

11: But it's totally appropriate to scare the living daylight out of people too.

12: And sometimes it's OK to dress down.

13: But fashion has rules – don't break them!

14: Every day is a shopping day — even school days.

Happy National Mean Girls Day!

Source: Paramount Pictures [2]

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