The 12 Best Things at Zara Right Now

Mar 1 2014 - 9:00am

Every single girlfriend we have loves Zara [1]. Like, loves. It's the perfect style storm of on-trend pieces and spot-on prices: not as cheap as some mall shops but with an increased quality that belies the higher price tag. And, without fail, every time we find ourselves on the site, we start tossing things in our shopping cart. Now we're sharing the gems we've unearthed here for your shopping pleasure. Prepare to start your Spring stylishly.

Zara Embroidered Top [2] ($119)

Zara Leather Ballet Flats With Studs [3] ($60)

Zara Black Crochet Dress [4] ($80)

Zara Long-Sleeve Blue Dress With Buttons [5] ($100)

Zara Neoprene Sheer-Back Top [6] ($26)

Zara Leather Jeweled Pool Slides [7] ($100)

Zara White Sheer-Neck Organza Polo Shirt [8] ($60)

Zara Yellow Embroidered Cotton Blouse [9] ($80)

Zara Sleeveless White Shift Dress [10] ($80)

Zara Double-Strap Black Ballet Flats With Gold Tip [11] ($60)

Zara Lace Pencil Skirt [12] ($80)

Zara Sequin and Pleated Miniskirt [13] ($70)

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