The 10 Most Amazing Things at Zara Right Now

Apr 11 2014 - 2:10pm

Some people get over an afternoon slump by making another cup of coffee or grabbing a snack. Around here? We do a quick spot of shopping. Actually buying something is beyond the point — the simple act of browsing online can reenergize us in a flash. Our preferred poison is Zara [1], both for its wares (perfect for play and work [2]) and the crazy-good prices. In case that second cup of coffee isn't doing it for you, we're sharing the most amazing items we just zeroed in on.

Zara cream sweater with rhinestones on the sleeves [3] ($80)

Zara black flat sandals with rhinestones [4] ($60)

Zara red tweed bracelet-sleeve jacket [5] ($60)

Zara striped black and white sweater with rhinestones [6] ($80)

Zara metallic silver block-heel sandal with rhinestones [7] ($70)

Zara sweater embroidered with lightning bolts [8] ($60)

Zara pink strapless lace dress [9] ($90)

Zara white sleeveless boucle dress [10] ($100)

Zara perforated shopper [11] ($60)

Zara bright pink drape-neck coat [12] ($139)

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