Best Spring 2012 Colors to Wear

5 Pretty Spring '12 Hues to Add to Your Wardrobe

5 Pretty Spring '12 Hues to Add to Your Wardrobe

When canvassing the Spring '12 runways, it can be tough to pinpoint the most complementary and standout hues, especially when you also take into account that most of us are not flaunting supermodel body types. We're not going to let that stop us from wearing the prettiest, brightest, and most flattering shades for our shapes. We've culled the most universally versatile and real-life wearable colors for you to try on for size. First up: pops of purple. The cool undertones of violets, lavenders, and mauves bring out the warmth of your skin tone and eye color, while the ultra feminine shade instantly injects a girlie vibe and slimming illusion. Click through to see more of Spring's color palettes and find out how they'll work their way into your wardrobe.

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