Beyonce Knowles Wears an Alexander McQueen Jacket From New York to Tokyo

This Week's Fab Favorite: Beyonce Knowles

Leave it to Beyonce to look as Fab at an airport as she does on the red carpet. I respect that. This is a woman who says her dressed-down look includes "a nice shirt, nice jeans, and stilettos." She certainly doesn't lie — what she wore from New York to Tokyo is an outfit most people would wear to a soiree. Everything about it is flawless. Where to start? That dramatically ruffled blouse is a good place. It's silky, luxurious, and so Beyonce. But oh, that Alexander McQueen tailcoat jacket, that's pure eye candy.

She's a smart cookie for balancing the intense top half with simple cropped black jeans and relatively understated studded pumps. Chic black aviators remind us she's a star. While she's waving to her fans, notice that her bodyguard is carrying her Roberto Cavalli apple bag. What a gent!

To see more of Beyonce's all-black ensemble, read more.

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