Bing Bang Designer Anna Sheffield For Target and Rachel Roy For Macy's

Fab Flash: Designer Collaboration Double Whammy

Y'all ready for this? First, next up for Target GO International: Bing Bang jewelry designer Anna Sheffield. You may recall Anna already teamed up with Urban Outfitters and Bensoni for a couple jewelry collections, word is she's next on the roster at our favorite cheapo retailer. Sweet. Stay tuned for more details on Anna Sheffield for Target . . .

In equally awesome news, Macy's is jumping on the designer collaboration train. The retail giant tapped Rachel Roy to create an exclusive line dubbed Rachel Rachel Roy. According to the designer, "This line is the younger sister to the Rachel Roy collection. It has the same designer sensibility but with a younger feeling." The line includes clothing and accessories — my eye is already on these colorful lace-up oxford booties. Product will hit stores in August, and a new retail concept is being applied. Roy's sister collection will be displayed in pop-up sections within Macy's with unique fixtures, separate from everything else. Smart — this way, you can't miss it. And you don't want to miss it. By the looks of it, Roy delivered her eclectic ladylike vision to the new endeavor; fur vests, artsy prints, rich embellishments, and playful separates make up the mix.

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