Bullett Fall 2012 Issue Covers Starring Elizabeth Olsen

Exclusive: Elizabeth Olsen Covers Bullett's Fall 2012 Issue

Bullett Fall 2012 Issue Covers Starring Elizabeth Olsen

"There's something about being in college and having theories about life and the world," Elizabeth Olsen says in the romance-themed Fall 2012 issue of Bullett magazine. "It's a really fun phase to go through until, you know, everything gets sh*t on."

That observation from Olsen, who appears on one of the magazine's three covers, is joined by stories on fellow cover stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Pharrell Williams. Actors Jim Sturgess and Tracy Morgan also have features, and in another interview, singer Chan Marshall of Cat Power discusses everything from depression to the occupational hazards of live concerts.

"Something is usually distracting me when I'm doing my job, especially since my job is to be faithful and dedicated to the song," Marshall says. "It's hard to present the song in its natural state if someone is taking a picture with a flash, like, seven times, in the front row, or if there are two chicks who are like [Valley Girl voice], 'Oh my god, I know! So last weekend, that was so much fun!' I'm like, Can you go to the bar where everyone else is talking?"

The Fall 2012 issue of Bullett will be on newsstands Sept. 5. For now, an exclusive preview of the issue here in the gallery.