Caroline Hedaya by Donna Baxter and Caroline Hedaya

Designer Spotlight: Caroline Hedeya

This is a story about two girls, Caroline and Donna, who were destined to become stylish bosom buddies. Before they met at F.I.T., the two led parallel lives hoping to become fashion designers one day. Shortly after graduating, Caroline and Donna combined their quirky ideas to create Caroline Hedaya, a genesis of Caroline's graceful touches with Donna's architectural aesthetic. For Spring '10, the duo supply us with a girlie gambit of crisp skirts, cropped lace tops, modern vintage frocks, and polka-dot prints made in cream and navy hues. I don't know which I love more: the simple cinched camisole dress or the white cut-out wonder . . .

Here's a fun fact: At the age of 4, Caroline used to get phone calls from her teacher telling her mom that her outfits were too extravagant for school. Luckily, her mother refused to pacify her daughter's eccentric ways — too cute!

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