With wedding season upon us, we're taking a look back at some of the most memorable celebrity wedding looks. But, it's not that easy — we're asking you to ID the iconic bride. Think you can handle it? It's test time!

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This bride channeled '70s era-style and opted for a cool white suit.
Diana Ross
Bianca Jagger
Marsha Hunt
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This bride's gown was reportedly cut to reveal her supertoned arms; then she paired it with a veil draped from a pearl-and-Swarovski-crystal crown.
Jessica Simpson
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Lopez
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This '50s era bride became known for her impeccably-chic style.
Jacqueline Kennedy
Elizabeth Taylor
Priscilla Presley
Audrey Hepburn
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This celebrity bride chose a romantic gown for the big day.
Katherine Heigl
Reese Witherspoon
Katie Holmes
Jessica Alba
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This bride was known for her classic beauty and elegance.
Princess Diana
Grace Kelly
Brigitte Bardot
Katharine Hepburn
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