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Can You Guess the Menswear-Loving Celeb?

The menswear trend is still going strong, and now that it's Fall, we're going to be seeing way more of it. A handful of celebrities have already chosen to go the androgynous route on the red carpet, some more intensely than others! Can you guess the menswear-loving celeb? Find out below.

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Who wore a dark gray suit with a matching tie on the red carpet last night?
Amy Adams
Leighton Meester
Ashley Greene
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Which star opted for a white menswear suit?
Heidi Klum
Kate Hudson
Liv Tyler
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Which famous beauty opted for a slim, velvety menswear-inspired getup?
Blake Lively
Rachel Zoe
Petra Nemcova
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Who opted for the loose-fitting look?
Gwyneth Paltrow
Stella McCartney
Julianne Moore
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Which famous face did menswear with a femme twist?
America Ferrera
Salma Hayek
Kim Kardashian
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Which actress waved hello in a silky black suit?
Olivia Wilde
Emma Stone
Ellen Page
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And finally, who turned up her collar for a sassy flair?
Jessica Lowndes
Anne Hathaway
AnnaLynne McCord
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