Choupette Lagerfeld: Myth vs. Reality

An Investigation Into the Life of Choupette Lagerfeld

Choupette Lagerfeld: Myth vs. Reality

Every diva comes with a certain amount of glamorous mythology, and the same can certainly be said for Choupette Lagerfeld. More has been written about the cat, who celebrated her first birthday on Sunday, than about most full-grown human beings — but how much of it is true, and how much isn't?

Case in point: Karl Lagerfeld has said on numerous occasions that she refuses to eat on the floor. Why, then, would her two maids serve Choupette's celebratory birthday shrimp cocktail from a plate placed on the ground? We attempt to answer this and other important questions here in our investigative report.

Photo courtesy of The Choupette Estate, via iD Magazine.