Chris Benz Spring 2013 | Runway

Chris Benz Spring 2013

Chris Benz Spring 2013 | Runway

Chris Benz used his Spring 2013 collection to make a few important introductions: he unveiled a handbag collaboration with The Cambridge Satchel Company, showed off jeans from his new CB Denim line, and affirmed that he's lowering his price points to appeal to a wider audience.

How do all of these new initiatives affect the clothes themselves? To the untrained eye, they don't. Spring for Benz is still as vibrant, multicolored, and pattern-mixed as his previous collections, proving that his visually rich aesthetic can be accomplished with less.

Inspiration, curiously enough, came from the idea of the zombie apocalypse. But these clothes weren't the blood-spattered costumes you'd see in The Walking Dead or 28 Days Later. "I wanted it to be pretty in an off-putting way," Benz said. He achieved that through layering vibrant graphic printed shorts and jackets with floral dresses and blazers, or putting sheer lace dresses over jeans, or covering whole looks with a lurex shirt or an oversize neon knit cardigan. Afghan blankets affixed with gigantic orange, brown, and yellow paillettes were an equally quirky accent. Could they mean a home collection is coming around the bend? We wouldn't doubt it. After all, in Benz's world, more really is more.