Christian Dior Haute Couture Fashion Week Fall 2014

It's No Coincidence That Dior Rhymes With Couture

It's No Coincidence That Dior Rhymes With Couture

If there is a floral backdrop to be used at Haute Couture Fashion Week, Raf Simons will find it. The creative director once again made the terms "Dior" and "couture" synonymous for Fall 2014 by bringing together intricate details with his effortlessly chic lines, all against clean, white petals.

Also fused into one: time. Of the inspiration for the show dubbed "Across Time," Dior wrote: "looking forwards and backwards to prepare for the future . . . an exploration of the past combined with ideas of a near future, to look for what it means to be modern in the contemporary haute couture world today."

And it was clear to see how storied haute couture could fit in a 2014 woman's lifestyle when Simons sent sleek suiting, crisp coats, exuberant cocktail dresses, and yes, even a jumpsuit or two down the orchid-strewn catwalk. Intertwined with ensembles influenced by 18th century French court attire, the result of this collection is truly timeless.


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