Coach Heritage Collection Bags 2011-07-28 08:30:21

Before They Were Heritage: The Coach Bags — and Ads — of the '70s

Coach Heritage Collection Bags 2011-07-28 08:30:21

When Coach launched its Heritage collection this Summer, the clean, classic lines and '70s-inspired shapes were an instant hit. Many of you expressed joy that you could simply buff up your mom's vintage Coach bag and start wearing it again. Reed Krakoff, Coach's creative director, said of the brand, "Heritage is our hallmark," which is why they went back to the archives for their latest colors. Eggshell, vermillion, and lime were first used by the company in the '70s, and we drummed up one of the original ads that highlights that super '70s vermilion shade. It's a testament to the brand that the bags are still so chic. If you are one of the lucky ones who inherited a vintage Coach bag, Coach women's handbag designer Elisa gave us a helpful hint for making it look brand new: "to remove dirt and condition after cleaning, apply leather moisturizer evenly with a clean, soft cloth using circular strokes, then wipe off the residue and buff gently to produce a natural luster." Click the slideshow to see two of Coach's original ads (one features the now heritage Stewardess bag) and highlights from the new collection.

The new Classics collection is on sale at, with prices ranging from $168-$498.


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