Color Trends Spring 2014

The Ultimate Guide to Spring's Biggest Color Trends

The Ultimate Guide to Spring's Biggest Color Trends

With Spring comes a whole new color story for our closets, thanks in large part to the primary hues that dominated the Spring '14 collections, making this season bolder and brighter on just about every level. Of course, if high impact isn't your thing, take note: soft pinks and yellow, green, and blue pastels feel just as fresh and were just as present on the catwalks. All in all, It's a pretty eye-popping, rainbow-hued selection that makes outfitting the new season all that much more fun.

Now, where do you fall on the spectrum? Take in every major hue from Diane von Furstenberg's fiery reds to Versace's icy blues — then tell us where you stand. Just scroll to see the color wheel in full effect, or jump right to the shade you want.

Additional reporting by Leah Melby