Coterie Trade Show in New York City for Fall 2008 Collections

Coterie Trade Show

Today we popped into the Coterie Trade Show where the godforsaken clothes are actually bought and sold! If you fancy a quick glance at Fall 08, off the runway, here are some photos we snapped in attendance. Coterie, one of the most prominent trade shows in America, takes place in the Javits Center and is vast and sprawling. The maze of designers is only navigable by the atmosphere of their respective booths. Indeed, as any good New Yorker knows, even in the space of a kitchen tile one can make themselves known. Tory Birch had a guard with clipboard as the booth was 'by appointment only', Rag & Bone was prohibiting press pictures (thanks lady, we've got the runway shots anyway), and Earnest Sewn built a huge wooden wall to act as a shield against the lesser-merchandised vendors. Adam by Adam Lippies, Diabless, Manoush, and Iodice, on the other hand, hosted mini-Coterie parties in their respective booths where all were welcome. Some representatives hired models to pass out look books, while others simply mowed-down on sandwiches, staring into space. It was day three of the event, after all, and everyone let their true colors shine through. Some of our favorite designers at the show, coming soon.