Coupon Clipping From The Comfort Of Your Desk

In preparation for our travels home for Thanksgiving we did something we only do when we're about to board and airplane or hop on a bus: we bought a hard copy of the NY Times. Funnily enough, the article that caught our eye dealt with an internet phenomenon taking over a business that formerly pivoted on hard copies. Namely, coupon clipping. In this article not only was our Network Partner, The Budget Fashionista, interviewed, but our eyes were opened to an e-commerce phenomenon sweeping an entirely new group of users.

This weekend, while perched in our family kitchen, a novelty mug in hand, we searched Retail Me Not for a Victoria's Secret discount code. Four minutes later we purchased a pair of garnet-colored platforms for twenty percent off

In this economic climate, what could more appropriate than coupon clipping? And what could make the whole process less painful? The absence of scissors and a little bit of anonymity thankyouverymuch.