Coutorture Community Must Reads 10/15/08

We don't know what y'all are up to this afternoon but we're wholly distracted and experiencing something of a mid-week slump right here at five on the dot. Thankfully, our Network gives us the opportunity to both finish work and maintain our mental wanderings! The television program Stylista seems to have aired and Fashion Addict Diary has a clip of Creative Director Joe Zee giving some friendly style advice. J'adore Couture posted a picture of Marc Jacobs wearing the hottest trend off the Spring 09 runway and FashionFillers gives a shout out to some ankle boots that are a New Yorker's dream come true come rainstorm. Finally, and most substantially, Style...A Work In Progress talks about a personal denim crusade and the Built By Wendy pair that fits the bill. At least someone's getting something done around here!