Cressida Bonas Just May Be the Anti Kate Middleton

Apr 4 2014 - 8:47am

Prince Harry's never been a traditional royal, so it should come as no surprise that his girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, strays far from convention. Unlike Kate Middleton — who's seemingly been in training, wearing suits and fascinators, since back in her St Andrews University days — Cressida opts for boho overalls and floral wreaths.

With rumors of a proposal heating up [1], we've got Cressida's style on our minds more than ever. Her free-spirited take ranges from festival gear to wedding [2] wear, which means we have much to look forward to if she joins the royal ranks. And now that Cressida's romance with Harry heating up [3], Queen Elizabeth may be in the presence of many a flouncy romper!

Cressida Bonas at the We Day UK Event

For her latest red carpet turn, Cressida had us looking down at her sparkly sequined sneakers.

Cressida Bonas at a December 2013 Wedding

Now that we've established that Cressida looks lovely in headwear, we can't wait to see her in an actual crown (rather than a floral one!).

Cressida Bonas at a June 2013 Wedding

Rather than the fascinators preferred by Kate Middleton and the royal family, Cressida kept it sweet with blossoms in her hair. Also notable: her boho pairing of sequins and tie-dye.

Cressida Bonas at the 2013 Glastonbury Festival

Cressida clearly knows that overalls are making a comeback [4].

Cressida Bonas at the 2013 Pre-Wimbledon Party

Another event, another jumpsuit [5] for Cressida.

Cressida Bonas at the 2&8 Club at Morton's Launch

Before Olivia Palermo did it [6], Cressida perfected the street style trick of layering shorts over tights.

Cressida Bonas at the 2011 Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Party

It doesn't get more effortlessly cool than a printed one-piece, and Cressida set a precedent for laid-back red carpet style while wearing one in London.

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