Custo Barcelona Autumn Winter 2008 Collection and Interview

Custo Barcelona A/W 08 Collection and Interview

Oh Custo, you crazy European! Last night, we went backstage to have a quick word with Custo Dalmau (one of two brothers for Custo Barcelona) before the A/W 08 show. A 'quick word' was, as it turned out, not in the cards. The backstage was jumping with people hanging around, with Spanish TV crews conducting 45 minute long interviews, with the sort of relaxed, celebratory chaos that is so difficult for Americans to conjure or understand. We stood waiting in a line that was not a line, thinking to ourselves, "Okay, it's 6:15, our slot was at 6:10 and we've got to run over to Chris Han soon. This is so ridiculous. Why isn't anyone keeping this organized!" and then our interview with Custo begins. He tells us about 'the music' for a while but you'll be spared this part of the video because he starts kissing a friend and talking to us at the same time and it's never really clear whether he is talking about disco music in general or, like, his show. Anyway, some of the collection turned out to be totally nuts, and we appreciate them giving us something to talk about in upcoming weeks aside from fur stoles and 'it' shoes.