Dad Style Pictures For Father's Day

Sugar Daddies: Take a Look at Our Dads' Most Memorable Style Snaps

Dad Style Pictures For Father's Day

Our dads are often one of the first sources of grown-up style inspiration in our lives (for better or for worse), and it's always interesting to see how they dabbled with various trends back in the day. Tapered jeans and Hawaiian shirts aside, some of our dads really had it going on when they were young and actually pulled off some of the same styles we see on men today, like boat shoes, Ray-Bans, polo shirts, and hipster-cool hats. In honor of Father's Day, we decided to show off style snaps of some of our own dapper dads, courtesy of our fellow Sugar colleagues. Click through to see them all now, and let us know what's cool (or not so cool) about your dad's way of dress in the comments.


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