Daily Style: The Sundance Edition...

Dakota Fanning

Check out this super cute roundup of some snuggly Sundance Film Festival looks from OnSugar blog Itsonlyfashion.

Remember when Sundance was just this small little film festival in a small quaint little mountain town? It didn't attract a ton of attention and some pretty spectacular films came out of it. Well amazing movies are still screened at Sundance but the amount of attention has certainly changed (insert T-Mobile diner, MySpace cafe, Muscle Milk lounge, etc etc here) Though I've said it before and I'll say it again, my most favorite thing about Sundance is that at heart it's still an indie film festival. And the red carpets are treated as such. There are no slinky dresses or fancy updos here — the dress code is mostly jeans, snow boots, and puffy jackets. You have to hand it to the starlet who can manage to look uber cool under many many layers...

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Source: WireImage, Getty

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