Deconstructed Three-Piece Suits, Gray Flannels, and Draped Velvet at Alexander Wang Fall 2010

The Alexander Wang fall 2010 collection last night left some editors scratching their heads and chalking any missteps up to the young designer's growing pains.

Indeed Wang ventured out of his comfort zone, striving to put out a more sophisticated and polished lineup this season. He aimed to show some progression by presenting an entirely new look without neglecting the sensibility of his Alexander Wang-loving girls. In that, he succeeded. We're pretty sure his high-profile front row will scoop up the thigh-high leggings, chunky boots, camel capes, and even some of the velvet evening looks from this collection.

Using titans of Wall Street and their three-piece suits as a starting point, Wang deconstructed typical tailoring used in pinstripe and gray flannel classics from the Nineties and created a new power suit silhouette with midriff bearing jackets, tailcoats, Bermuda shorts, bondage straps, and the aforementioned belled skinny leggings pulled down over models' shoes. A black leather duster provided a moment of Matrix-style relief only to be replaced by draped velvet evening looks paired with mid-calf booties.

Misstep or not, Wang will be just fine as he continues to think smartly on the business side of things in addition to the creative. Offering major fashion statements at a contemporary price point and broadcasting his fashion show on a billboard in Times Square coupled with the success of his affordable T by Alexander Wang collection, the designer will undoubtedly keep attracting new groups of die hard devotees.