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Designer Duos: Guess Which Is Which!

Some designers create clothes alone, some do it with a partner. Dolce & Gabbana, Proenza Schouler, and Rodarte are some of the more famous houses with designing duos. You know their names, but do you know their faces? Take my quiz to find out.

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Is this Dolce or Gabbana?
Domenico Dolce
Stefano Gabbana
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Who is this sassy Sass & Bide founder?
Sarah-Jane Clarke
Heidi Middleton
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Which of the Rag & Bone boys is this?
David Neville
Marcus Wainwright
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Do you know the name of this Proenza Schouler co-designer?
Jack McCollough
Lazaro Hernandez
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Vena Cava has two designers; which one is pictured?
Lisa Mayock
Sophie Buhai
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Which Rodarte sister is this?
Kate Mulleavy
Laura Mulleavy
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What is the name of this Whitley Kros designer?
Marissa Ribisi
Sophia Coloma
Guess the Fashion Neckline!
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Guess the Fashion Neckline!

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