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Designer Spotlight: Ashley Ashoff

I have recently noticed celebs wearing bright colorful scarves and here is a 23-year-old Paris-based scarf designer on the verge of shaking up the scarf scene. Burberry's got the plaids covered, Louis Vuitton's got the leopard print covered, but Ashley Ashoff's creations have a modernized tie-dye look to them.

This is one California native who hopes to "see American ladies become more modest, in antithesis to all that [celebrities such as] Britney Spears represent." Her handmade silk scarves take up to 15 hours to make and she is specifically targeting famous peeps to get the word out, or rather, wear out.

For example, for Spring, she sent out a letter to various celeb and friends asking them what was the best advice they've ever been given. The mottos will then be applied to the scarves - customized if you will. For scarves that cost $195-$295, Ashoff believes if "people pay a lot for an item, it should be handcrafted." I second that emotion. Her colorful scarves are available through her website and on an order-only basis.

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