Designer Spotlight: Babakul

What does Babakul mean you ask? Any French speakers in the house? Babakul means "hippie" in the language of love and the designer is Kym Gold, the former co-owner/co-founder of True Religion Jeans. The Spring/Summer collection consists of trousers, lightweight denim, and vests, with a major Woodstock flavor.

“At the inception of Babakul, there was an overwhelming demand for me to only offer denim. However, it is more imperative for me to create a foundation for every woman’s wardrobe that encompasses the same amount of versatility and comfort, yet exudes a new level of freshness,” shares Kym Gold.

Babakul is sold at Neimans, Ron Herman, Fred Segal, Scoop, and more. And prices range from $160-$190. I smell the next big denim brand . . .

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