Designer Spotlight: Joanna Louca

I discovered Joanna Louca on a trip to NYC last year. I was in a cool new boutique in the West Village that specialized in indie designers and one of her handbags caught my eye. It had a crafty appeal to it and looked like something one would find in Eastern Europe, like Istanbul or somewhere. Not quite Missoni, not quite Marni, something different and new - I was smitten.

Joanna Louca woven accessories are created entirely by hand on domestic handlooms with yarns of the highest caliber. The shapes of the bags are slightly vintage, and manage to be very polished. Joanna started her accessories in 2000; consisting of bags, belts and scarves, they are all produced at her weaving workshop and production unit in Cyprus and Italy. See, these are worldly treasures!

Joanna's designs are sold worldwide and in select boutiques. Though prices aren't shown on the website, I remember the one I fondled was in the $300 range and about the size of the one shown here.

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