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Designer Spotlight: Lochers

Here's a designer for you naughty girls who really try to come off as good girls; you know who you are! YumSugar turned me on to this deceptively dainty designer because, well, just look at those scrumptious looking macaroons.

Lochers consists of tops and necklaces that are beyond sassy and straight up original. While this model may look sweet and innocent, the yellow top she's wearing spells 'Insatiable little thing,' across the back. Note: this is one of the more subtle messages that grace these cotton embroidered tops. Some I can't spell out here, because of foul (but fabulous!) language, but to give you an idea, some other messages are: "I don't play nice" and "Sorry darling, good girls don't swallow," the latter top accompanied by two little songbirds flighting with the naughty words.

The creative force behind Lochers is a lassie named Nicole who opened her design atelier in Paris in 2001. Inspired by found objects from flea markets in Paris and London, her unique style combines vintage and modern fashion. The charming embroidery was spawned by "the turn of the century handkerchief lost in some grandma's drawer." Nicole's mission was to bring back the refinement of embroidery to modern day by adding her dirty two cents to each piece. Dirty yes, offensive no, well maybe - you tell me! Prices for these tops and the necklaces are under $100 and can be ordered through Lochers brand website.

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