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Designer Spotlight: Tamara Pogosian

Armenian designer Tamara Pogosian may have started her fashion career in 2002 when she debuted her first collection, but her passion for clothes was seeded long before that. Born in Armenia, raised in Russia, Tamara experienced her love for fashion at the age of 12, when she would watch Fashion Television with host Jeanie Becker (me too!). She instantly knew she wanted to be in the industry in some capacity.

In 1992, she moved to NYC to attend Parson's School of Design and FIT and that's where her career gained wings. Besides designing her own men's and women's line, Tamara also freelances for Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Coach, DKNY Jeans, Victoria's Secret, and more.

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To see more of Tamara's Spring 2008 collection, read more

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