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Donna Karan Resort 2014: Liquid Assets

Donna Karan Resort 2014: Liquid Assets

Donna Karan titled her latest resort collection "The L Word," and just before her resort show, even she had trouble naming off the list of words that inspired her. "Long, lean, languid, luxurious, light . . . I'm probably forgetting another one," she said. There were, in fact, several more. According to her show notes, they included liquid, limitless, and lighthearted.

And all were on display in the lineup, which included her old standbys — draped dresses and asymmetrical hemlines — and her standard black-and-neutral color palette with energetic pops of red and polka dots. What was otherwise a fluid runway of simple bias-cut satins and metallic jerseys got well-timed jolts from gold-coin embellishments and the occasional single rope-cluster earring.

Fitting with Karan's urban aesthetic, this Resort collection was fitting for many out-of-town adventures but utterly wearable in the city. Talk about limitless.