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Double Take: Celebrity Clones

By now you all know I have a talent for likening people to animals . . . but did you know I also have a knack for comparing people to other people? Since I stare at celebrity and model photos everyday, it's only natural that I found a few that resemble one another. First up, Kate Hudson. The model on the left, Alexa from Elite Models, is practically a carbon copy of the actress. So much so that I had to quadruple check that it wasn't really her! The shape of the eyes, the protruding ears, and thin lips all say "Kate." Scary that somewhere out there there's a person who looks exactly like you, right?

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Model Linda Vojtova and Gisele Bundchen can be mistaken for sisters, while an Ann Taylor model and Diane Kruger are practically twins. If you know of more clones, do share!



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