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Double Take: Celebrity Clones, Part Deux

Being the celebrity clone-finder that I am, I have a fresh bunch of celebrity clones for you. First up, model Lisa Cant and actress Alexis Bledel. The similarity in their big, round baby blue eyes is undeniable, as is their rounded facial structure and fair skin. What's more, they're both delicate and doll-like. They can easily pass as sisters. If that were the case, Alexis would be the older one at 26, and Lisa would be the younger at 23. That's crazy because Alexis' baby face could have fooled me to think she's in her teens.

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If Kate Moss wants to know what she'll look like in 20 years, all she has to do is look at Cashmere Mafia actress Christine Ebersole. The toothy smile, the blond hair, the fair, freckly skin, those small green eyes . . . they're eerily similar. Katharine McPhee's pout and eyes look a lot like those of Russian model Regina Feoktistova; new Guess model Line Gost is being called the young Sophia Loren and it's easy to see why; and Kate Bosworth can easily double as model Caroline Winberg. Do you see it?





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