Eco-Chic Shellac

Eco-Chic Shellac

Editor's note: The following is a guest post written by Rachel Zoe, stylist, fashion designer, and creator of The Zoe Report. Sign up at

I have always been conscious of the beauty products I use—aiming for items with as little to no chemicals—but when I became pregnant with Skyler Morrison, it was a serious game changer. For my entire term, I adopted a zero-harsh-ingredients policy for everything I touched from shampoo to face wash, mascara and all. As someone who is obsessive in their mani/pedi routine, I can tell you that I was thrilled to discover so many a-mah-zing organic lacquer wasn't hard at all to give up my go-to shades! Shown here today are five of my current favorite colors, each from a different eco-chic brand. xoRZ


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