Emmanuelle Alt Street Style Pictures

Happy Birthday, Emmanuelle Alt

Emmanuelle Alt Street Style Pictures

It's been well over a year since Emmanuelle Alt took the helm of Vogue Paris, and while the aesthetic of that magazine may have changed, one thing's for certain: Alt's personal style has not. In fact, if there's one thing that can be said about Alt, it's that she definitely sticks to a look.

"Her style is her big shoulders, long legs, tight jeans, sleeves up to the elbow, one hip out. I personally like her. She’s a handsome French woman," Karl Lagerfeld has said of the minimalistic, admittedly low-maintenance editor in chief. "I don't look after myself. I don't do yoga, Pilates, those things. I hate physical effort, I don't run anywhere, but I am superenergetic. Makeup? I just black my eyes, and that's it. My hair? I get it cut on set. I never go to a hairdresser. I'm not sure I'm French," Alt has said.

Regardless, we think the überstylist's French appeal is quite apparent. So in honor of her May 18 birthday — and her refreshingly low-key chic — we've gathered up some of our favorite Alt-in-uniform style moments. Bon anniversaire!