Etro Review | Fashion Week Fall 2013 

Etro Fall 2013

Etro Review | Fashion Week Fall 2013 

Veronica Etro's Fall 2013 collection explores the tension between how to dress for today while showing respect for the past.

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The designer cited the costumes in Blade Runner and Seven Years in Tibet among her many inspirations, and she fused them by applying intricate, multicolored paisleys and other prints to sporty, sometimes masculine shapes. A high-collared coat zipped up to the neck saw black rectangles covering one of those prints, while a black wool motorcycle jacket was paired with a similarly treated pencil skirt. This combination of solids and prints, found in nearly every look of the collection, looked a little digital at times, almost like dark pixels making room for new imagery. But what better way is there to respect the past than to let the best parts of it shine through?